by Atlas & Arrows

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(free) 04:34


released March 10, 2012



all rights reserved


Atlas & Arrows Placerville, California

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Track Name: China Blue Disguise
The roots grew from the depths
the willow tree, it wept
two birds were talking in the morning light
I swore the moon was a different color that night
Your hair fell to your face, long and out of place
we danced like crazy fools
because we govern ourselves and there are no rules

And if you wish to run away, the outside world can wait a few more days
'cause hours spent not keeping time, well they are the best hours of my life
I said it before, I'll say it again
what's the use of waiting when time is all we can spend
nature is calling my friend

The ocean starts to dance, the world is in a trance
Birds echo sounds from my guitar
leaves fall, autumns call ain't far
the sky reflects in your eyes,
a china blue disguise
to hide the pupils of green and grey
if I had it my way I'd relive each day like today
Track Name: The River
I whisper to the willow tree, ask them if you are alright
my question echoes back at me, will we make it home tonight
absence of the light makes us more aware
my eyes cannot see your presence, but I can feel you there

I know the secrets that the forest keeps, the river told me 'cause
(the river never sleeps)X4

Outskirts of the forest are like a prison gate
shadows decieve, we cannot leave because it is too late

(theres nowhere left tor run, we're waiting for the sun)X2
Track Name: Atlas Eyes
My eyes are the color of the earth
Mine are the color of the sea
They help us see, how beautiful the world can be
I like to look at distant stars
I like to look at things up close
I use a magnifying glass
I use a telescope

And now you're seeing the world with your atlas eyes
and now your seeing the world with your atlas eyes
and I can't help but see an earth that I despise
without your atlas eyes

I looked at the sky today and thought of your funeral
I never realized 'till now that life is so beautiful
everyone wants to be an angel but no one wants to die
Track Name: Binary Star
Lights are dancing on your face, caught up in their sweet embrace
you are staring at your toes thinking of secrets only heaven knows
if only I could read your mind, maybe it could save us time
I could whisper telepathically and ask if you're in love with me

I'll tell you all my heart contains if you would let me know
all the secrets that remain in your brain need to go
I hope you adore me, please stop waiting for me to make the first move
really baby you've got nothing to lose

Baby you tend to confuse me
somehow when we talk you lose me
I could talk to you all day
but I'd never know what to say

When we're close you seem so far, I'm a telescope
and you're a binary star
Track Name: Sunshine
Five in the morning, stare across the city as the smog lifts
take a look at the sun peeking through the clouds as the sky shifts
the sunrise always seems, to remind me of you
all the days we spend, my dear, watching all the colors blend its true

in my soul I know who I'll confide to
and until the soles of my shoes are all worn down I 'll be walking right beside you

babe I'd promise you sunshine if I could
'cause you're the only person I've met whose understood
theres a lot more to life then the things that you see
and even if I was blind you'd still be lovely

I'd travel the world chasing sunbeams in my car
to the end of the earth I'd hike through forests and mountains
I don't care how far
the sun never seems to shine these days
the pale blue sky fade to grays